The Life-Changing Magic Of Going To Class

What if told you that there was an absolutely fundamental skill that, if you implemented it in your life, would allow you to get better grades in school and to understand what in heaven’s name is going on when you read your textbooks and take exams? It’s called GOING TO CLASS. This post goes into 5 reasons you should go to all your classes and how YOU benefit if you do.

Not your mother.

Not your father.

Not your teacher.


The importance of going to class cannot be overstated. You have to recognize that, there is a system if you have a “class”, that is built all around your learning and is created to ensure that you are able to get the most out of your academic life.

But, it’s super easy to miss class, especially if you are older or if you’re in 5th or 6th form and decide you are no longer interested in what the teacher is teaching. It’s easy to miss class if you’re in university if you’ve decided you don’t like that teacher’s teaching style or the classroom is too cold or too boring. Or, if you’re anything like me, your friends have plans during class time so you skip class to join them.

It’s making a decision not to go to class because of some other intervening factors and likely because you don’t understand the importance of going to class. So, here are a few reasons I think you should absolutely, positively go to class.

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5 Reasons to Should Go To All Your Classes

1. You will  have an insight into the mind of your teacher, an insight into the syllabus and certainly, into the mind of the examiner

And that examiner could be your teacher or an external examiner.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, as useful as being in that classroom hearing the teacher talk about what they think is important. Your teacher will likely emphasize the things they think are important and de-emphasize the things they think are less important. If all goes well, your teacher will then show this on the exam and you’ll get a sense of what’s going on. It’s a beautiful thing to be in a classroom to hear what the teacher is talking about then to see it on the exam.

But, even if you have one of those weird teachers that makes odd decisions about what goes on the exam, you still get a sense of the kinds of examples they want from you and the kind of words they will use.

And if you have an absolutely AWFUL teacher, you will still gain from going to class because you will get a sense of the kinds of things you need to pay attention to in your own textbook, your notes, or your friend’s notes, when studying for this subject.

2. Class is important because it’s a physical and mental space for learning

The challenge that many students have is that when they go home, there aren’t many designated places they have for learning. You may not have a study or a dining table where everybody is quiet and allows them to learn. So that classroom time allows them to physically be in a space that is designated for learning.

Yes, there may be challenges, children around may be noisy or there may be other things going on in class. However, there is really and truly nothing like the ability to sit down and be in a space that’s zoned in for learning where, during this time, you can get the most out of your education and the money that has been spent on school.

Maybe you should go to class. Just maybe.

3. Class time is the basis of you showing up to school

If you didn’t need to go to classes, whether that be online or in person, if you didn’t need to have those classes and have class time, then much of what you would be doing could be done on your own.

Self-study is however incredibly difficult to do. What classes provide is motivation, a checklist if you will, of tasks you should complete every single week. So, this week we’re doing “Boundaries” in Social Studies, the next week “Government”, the week after “The Family”. It’s a way of keeping track of what’s in the syllabus and you keeping pace with where you should be throughout the year.

Again, I recognize that not all teachers are going to be the kinds of teachers that you want or like or that the way they teach may not be the way that comes across best to you. But when I was teaching, it was certainly useful for the students to have a sense of where we were supposed to be in August and April so we could then move quickly through the syllabus but we were still making sure that we went through the content in-depth.

4. Your friends are in class

It is very very important to recognize your motivating factors for going to school. And let’s be honest here, sometimes your only motivation may just be seeing your friends. So, class time may be a good time to see your friends, to be around your friends and hopefully, you’ve chosen friends who are the kinds of people who are interested in your learning as you are in theirs and so you are sitting in that class, hopefully learning together.

It also allows you to create “study circles”, groups of people who are in the same classes, who are doing the same subjects, and therefore you can sit and study together. If you are thinking of the importance of going to class, you also have to think of the next steps which are studying and doing exams and so class time is a really good time to connect to people. And hopefully you aren’t just connecting with the nerd in the class whose notes you want to borrow, and I suggest that not be your strategy at all, but you certainly want to connect with people in the class who are taking good notes, are paying attention, and are generally tuned in to what is going on. It generally isn’t useful to be sitting beside people who are distracting you while class is going on.

5. You learn in different ways

You learn from what you see, what you hear, what you take in on your own through reading and writing. So what class times does is, it allows you to hear the information in a way that may be your best method to learn in cases where you may not have a podcast or a YouTube video for your subject or the way your teacher teaches it. It allows you to, even if you aren’t writing notes (although I totally suggest you write notes), hear the information and that would be one level of learning, read the information (which is what you’ll be doing afterwards), writing the information (which is the third way of cementing the information into your brain) and therefore, you can make links and connections after seeing all these methods come together so you can be better prepared to do your examinations and to study well.

Going to classes is important and I’ll never suggest that you just skip classes. I’ve skipped enough classes in life to know that sometimes, you get so left behind when you skip a class that it adds to your level of frustration. That you feel now completely behind and backward in a class where you have missed 3 or 4 sessions where the teacher has gone through content and information that would be really useful to you but you aren’t able “catch up”. And you don’t want to have to play catch up every single time you miss a class.

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So, even if you’re bored, I suggest you go to classes. You’ll never know what drop of information that comes into that class will be useful to you in your examinations and through the process of studying. Something that clicks at that moment could be just the thing that unlocks your potential and gets you ready to do well in classes.

You aren’t going to be 100% perfect in your attendance. Sometimes you may make a decision for whatever reason, mental health day and the like, to skip a class. But you want to be consistent in attending your classes and trying as best as you can to do well in them.

Always remember, however, to be kind to yourself.

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    Congratulations Jodi… You are doing great job, it’s very useful the topics you share through this page. Young people from all over the world will benefit it… Be blessed Jodi. Love you.

    • Yoo Need More Jodi
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      Thank you so so much for your kind words, Alexander! I’m so happy you’ve found the blog and enjoy the content! Blessings!

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