Who are your friends?

Facebook has taught us that “friend” is anyone we know.


It is much much more than that. You are the reflection of your circle of friends. Your 5 closest friends are a clear reflection of who you are as a human.

What are you reflecting?


Show me your friends and I'll show you your future


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Every negative character trait on this list that you see in your friend is also something you may do as well. If you don’t want to be that person, don’t be AROUND that person.

And don’t lie to yourself. You already have at least 1 person in mind when you are going through these questions.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when assessing your friends.Don’t overthink the answers. YES or NO is all you need.

Just go through the questions and assess if the person is more bad than good FOR YOU.

Do. You.

  • Are they honest?
  • Do they steal?
  • Do they justify the theft?
  • Do they lie?
  • Are they manipulative?

  • Do they try to manipulate you?  
  • Do they cheat others out of recognition?
  • Do they cheat on their partners?
  • Do they allow other people to cheat with them?
  • Are they good partners?
  • Do they show their partners empathy?

  • Do they have clear boundaries as to unacceptable behavior from their partners?
  • Have they enforced those boundaries?
  • Do they blame their partners for their problems?
  • Do they take personal responsibility for their actions?
  • Do they seek to fix things when they screw up?

  • Are they good parents?
  • Are their children a reflection of their good parenting?
  • Are they good employees?
  • Do they have a job?
  • Are they looking for a job?

  • Do they expect someone to show up and save them from working?
  • Do they find all ways of doing the least possible work for the most pay?
  • Do they try to learn new skills?
  • Do they have goals?
  • Are they trying to achieve their goals?
  • Are they punctual?

  • Are they committed to success?
  • Are they good employers?
  • Do they develop their employees?
  • Do they inspire the best from their employees?
  • Do they have a business?

  • Are they working toward getting a business?
  • Do they discuss their employee’s personal information?
  • Do they discuss client personal information?
  • Do they run their business well?
  • Do they spend money wisely?

  • Do they encourage you to spend money wisely?
  • Do they encourage you to “treat yourself” daily?
  • Do they think that your money is their money?
  • Do they show their friends empathy?
  • Do they talk about the lives and pains of others?

  • Do they discuss the lives and pains of others to ridicule them?
  • Do they discuss your life and pains with others?
  • Do they discuss your life and pains to ridicule you?
  • Are they trustworthy?
  • Do they have perseverance?

  • Do they have grit?
  • Are they doing more and going further than they were a year ago?
  • Are they doing more and going further than they were 3 years ago?
  • Are they doing more and going further than they were 10 years ago?
  • Are they healthy?

  • Do they exercise?
  • Do they encourage you to exercise?
  • Do they eat healthy and nutritious foods?
  • Do they encourage you to eat healthy and nutritious foods?
  • Do they seek out new information?

  • Are they excited to learn?
  • Do they share their new knowledge with you?
  • Do they recommend personal development books to you?
  • Do they recommend YouTube videos that inspire you?
  • Can you rely on them for emotional support?

  • Do you give them constant emotional support?
  • Do they have drama filled lives?
  • Do they abuse your friendship?
  • Are they more interested in play than work?  
  • Is the world out to get them?

  • Do you feel drained when you are around them?
  • Do you feel sick when you have to speak to them?
  • Do you feel frustrated when explaining something to them?
  • Are they always right?
  • Are you always wrong?

  • Do they make you feel stupid?
  • Do they call you stupid?
  • Do they judge your sex life?
  • Do you share the secrets you have told them with their spouse?
  • Do you feel like you are in the middle of their relationship with their spouse?

  • Do you know too much about their personal affairs?
  • Do you feel like they are in the middle of your relationship with your spouse?
  • Do they want to know too much about your personal affairs?
  • Do they respect your boundaries?
  • Do they understand when you tell them “no”?

  • Do they support your dreams?
  • Do they find ways to encourage you?

Show me your friends and I can tell you who you are

The list is long and it could have been longer still. Think of every characteristic on this list then ask yourself “Is That The Person I Want To Be”.

It’s as simple as that.

Your friends or Your life.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any questions you think should be added to the list.

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