Simple Acts of Kindness #8, #9, and #10

Humble Honey (3)

I started a new job a month ago. An amazing new job for which I am incredibly grateful. Especially since I had received some very sad rejection letters before.

But you know what that has meant? I haven’t been working as consistently on the blog as I would like. And that means that I have missed talking to you. I’m doing a ton of behind the scenes work and I’m working on services to help you achieve those life skills you need to ace 2018. I just feel kinda crappy about not doing all the things I said I would when I said I would.

So, today, my suggestion for a simple act of kindness is for me to be kind to myself and for you to be kind to yourself. To be kind when we fall short, fail to execute, mess up, or just don’t get everything done. 

Be kind to yourself. And starting now, be kind to others as well.

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