You never quite forget it is Independence Day in Jamaica. This is however the first time I’ve been here to experience it in years.

I move around quite a bit, but I carry my beloved Jamaica around with me always.

Happy Independence Day 2017 to the first English-speaking Caribbean nation to gain Independence!

Jamaica’s 55th year of no longer being a colony of the United Kingdom is a significant achievement. #Jamaica55 however provides us with a chance to look back at what we have accomplished and what we have left to do.

Jamaica is 55 years old!

Jamaica, you are a mature adult now. You can’t go clubbing with the young countries anymore. It’s just not the done thing. Your job is to build a future for the next generation. You can’t claim to be a young country anymore. There are much younger, fitter, sexier, countries out there right now. All that was young must become old.

During Christmas time, Jamaicans watch the TV programme “Greetings Across the World”. Jamaicans who live abroad send greetings to Jamaicans who live on the island.

So, in the voice of Cousin Mabel who lives in England, I would like to say Happy Independence Day to:

  1. our National Heroes and Heroine who fought to make the enslavement of people of African descent no longer financially profitable. We still haven’t received reparations for that but we’re working on it;
  2. the leaders of our country who negotiated our independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. The rest of the English-speaking Caribbean are still very very upset with us that we rejected the West Indies Federation and the great plan of becoming independent as a group. But I know you. You wouldn’t be Jamaican if you didn’t want to go first; and
  3. every Jamaican who knows the Constitution of the United States of America better than their own. It’s perfectly ok. I’ll go through the Constitution of Jamaica at some point in time. Trust me when I say, it is much more exciting than most TV series you watch.

Happy Independence Jamaica, land I love. 

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