You do. You hate them all.

If your time is spent looking on Instagram and Facebook checking out all the hottest people at the most fabulous parties and wanting their lives, you are telling everyone you love that you hate them. You are comparing your life to these people and deciding yours sucks and you want theirs instead.

And because of that, you do suck.


Because you are spending time hoping to be them. And they don’t have the people and the advantages in your life that you do.

If I Am Jealous of Jess, I Lose

I am friends with one of the world’s best-known vegan food bloggers, Jessica In The Kitchen. Jessica is an amazing woman who has built a brand and a life from her desire to create vegan dishes that everyone can love. She’s been working her ass off for 3 years to get to this place and will continue to work her ass off because she is a beautiful soul. Her most famous recipe is for her delicious chickpea curry and that recipe has brought thousands of people around to trying the vegan lifestyle.

Jessica In The Kitchen’s success is as a result of her hard work and dedication as well as her amazing support network that makes it all possible.

And if I am jealous of Jessica and envious of her success, I lose.

I lose because I am saying to God and the Universe that I am ungrateful. And that I hate everyone I say that I love.


I’m willing to wish them out of existence in order to get Jessica’s life.

That means I hate them so I want to get rid of:

  • my Mum and my Sibling and my Grandma because Jessica doesn’t have them in her life;
  • my two beautiful dogs because Jessica doesn’t have them in her life;
  • my “brother” who stayed up talking with me at 2 a.m. this morning because Jessica doesn’t have him in her life;
  • my baby cousin who is reading this post because Jessica doesn’t have him in her life;
  • my house, and every single one of my friends because Jessica doesn’t have them in her life;
  • every single thing I have accomplished because Jessica didn’t do those things in her life;
  • every lesson I have ever learned from failure or success because Jessica didn’t have those experiences in her life.

But What If I Do Hate Everything and Everyone?

Most of the people asking this truly don’t. In their minds, they’ll keep their family and friends but just gain all the things that the picture on Instagram promises. They want to add the perceived awesomeness on to their lives.

If you truly hate everything and everyone it requires some introspection on your part. And that process doesn’t look the same for everyone. But gratitude freaking helps you step back from the ledge of hate.

You can be inspired by others to try harder and hustle harder. But every time you look around and decide that you want their life instead of yours, you are saying you hate everyone you say you love.

So what can you do? 

  • Start looking for your blessings. Start looking for the things that you do better, say better, understand better and feel better. You have unfair advantages that someone else is looking for. You are living the insane life that someone else is dreaming about and hoping for. You just don’t see it.
  • Compare you yesterday with you today. You achieve results when you take little steps consistently. I can only be sure that I can be better than me if I try. I cannot be sure I will be better than anyone else.

Let me know in the comments below if you have the tendency to be jealous of the lives of others.


  • Gia
    Posted August 3, 2017 5:52 pm 0Likes

    Nah, never got the jealous bug. But, the reminder that I’m awesome is cool. Even on our worst days, we still are surrounded with so much to be grateful for, we ought to open our eyes.
    Love this piece 😊

    • Yoo Need More Jodi
      Posted August 3, 2017 6:08 pm 0Likes

      I’m glad you love it, Gia! Remembering that you are awesome is truly something that gets you through the tough times. Thanks for commenting!

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