Breaking the habit chain is disappointing. All I wanted to do was build the habit of working on my Spanish by doing the action every single day.

I Just Lost a 26 Day Spanish Streak On Duolingo.


That sucked. But at least I have the progress of 26 days, even without the name.

When you are trying to become a better version of yourself, that’s what breaking the habit chain is like.

  1. First, you feel shitty.
  2. Then you realize that you haven’t lost the benefits of the habit chain.
  3. You put things in place not to break the chain again.
  4. Finally, you realize that you have (God willing) 27 days in the future to make an even longer streak.

That’s like any process of habit forming.

Don’t break the chain. But if you do, you haven’t lost. You can start again.

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  • Roxanne
    Posted August 10, 2017 7:51 am 0Likes

    Kindred spirits! 😀 Every time I’m trying to form a new habit, I get intensely competitive with myself and try to see how long I can sustain the chain. I know what you mean about breaking it. It does suck. I’ve been on a 22-day writing streak so far and I’m working my butt off not to break it, because I want to avoid that feeling of having lost. It’s so weird. It’s almost like I mentally erase all the progress that came before I missed one day. Thanks for the reminder of how inaccurate that idea is, and congrats on your 26-day streak!

    • Yoo Need More Jodi
      Posted August 10, 2017 8:17 pm 0Likes

      Congratulations on your 22 day writing streak! I’m glad that this post reminded you that, even if you take a break, you have all of the 22 days of work in the bank! I wish you all the best with your writing!

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