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What Were Your Expectations?

Sometimes you aren’t annoyed because something happened. You are annoyed that you expected something else to happen.

That’s all life is sometimes. A series of disappointments.

But what if we reframe the disappointments and unmet expectations into gratitude for what was. For the opportunities we had. For the things we achieved. For the blessings we received. What if we see the expectation for what it really is?

A misguided idea that we can control other people.

And well, that’s never a winning proposition.

Don’t be upset. If it won’t matter 5 years from now, don’t be annoyed about it for more than 5 minutes.

But you’ll be annoyed anyway. Because expectations are a hell of a thing. Expectations hurt.

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2 thoughts on “Expectations Hurt

  1. I’m such an idealist. It kills me ever so often. Stoicism is also helping me to ‘put pressure on myself, cut others some slack’ (paraphrased). Doing this has reduced my expectations of things outside of my direct power.

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