Facebook is mesmerizing. And I am addicted. This is my process of controlling my Facebook addiction.

You already know my position on watching television but I truly love Facebook. And I’m on it all the time.

The Impossibility of Doing Deep Work With Facebook In the Background

No matter what Mark Zuckerberg wants me to believe, his super easy, super integrated site is not a productivity tool.

Yes, it is nice to know what my friends are up to. And it certainly helps if I remember to say “happy birthday” on the right day. But I can’t actually get real work done on Facebook.

I tried to do deep work and focus on complex tasks while on Facebook many more times than is reasonable and practical.

It is incredibly difficult to start to get into any sort of zone to complete complex tasks if I spend every 5 minutes checking my Facebook feed.

Because, every 5 minutes, I get at least 1 more notification.

Or absolutely worse, a friend posts something which appears in my news feed and leads me to be distracted for hours!


Exactly like that.

My Solution For Controlling My Facebook Addiction

My default web browser on my laptop is Google Chrome. Google runs my life.

My solution to constantly opening Facebook, checking everything, then re-opening it again in 10 minutes is the Chrome extension “News Feed Eradicator for Facebook“.

This was my news feed before:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 2.31.59 AM-min

This is my newsfeed now:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 1.56.47 AM-min

There is nothing fun and exciting left to play with when I have work to complete.

The addictive parts of Facebook are limited. When I am trying to work, it is absolutely crucial that I limit my ability to swipe across my screen and get distracted by my news feed. I can receive notifications but the inspirational quote and the lack of visible updates from my friends mean I have very little to keep me on Facebook.

I don’t trust that I’ll have self-control. So I put mechanisms in place so I don’t need it. Mechanisms like News Feed Eradicator for Facebook.

At least until I find my phone.

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