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Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

Fine, it’s Christmas! We know that it’s Christmas! But, it’s really important for you to remember that Christmas is EPIC and AMAZING!

I told you that my mother was playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and now I’m listening to the dulcet sounds of a baby crying. I’d like to believe that the baby understands that Christmas presents are around the corner and they are VERY excited to receive them! Such is life!

As usual, what comes with Christmas is presents and this is your comprehensive guide to figuring out what to get that special guy in your life for this holiday season.

Guys just seem to be harder to shop for! They seem to want less BUT want more specific and complicated things. Girls like shiny, we’re pretty clear about what we like! Guys are a lot more complicated!

So, for the men in your life, I’m going to give you some ideas for Christmas presents. As usual, if it brings a smile to his face, it’s 100% me! And if he hates it, it’s totally your fault!

Christmas Presents for Him 2017: Jamaican Edition

Let’s start this off right. You are going to buy the man a Christmas present. If it’s your brother or father or friend, it’s obvious. You’re going to want to get them a gift. But let me eliminate all doubt right here. You’re going to buy a Christmas present for your boyfriend or husband as well. And here’s why?


Let that sink in for a moment. You’re going to need to buy a gift this holiday season, and I have a list of 12 things that you can consider getting! And precious, the idea is that we put a few of them together for him, not just one half dead present and done!

1) An Appreciation Book

Black Man Reading A Red Book - Christmas Presents For Him 2017: Jamaican Edition - You Need LIfe Skills


There are lots of books online and here are a few that allow you to write and express your appreciation for somebody in your life. Whether it’s your brother who you love, a friend, a significant other, something that says that you appreciate this person. Many of the men that I was speaking to said that appreciation is their #1 thing. They don’t necessarily want a gift. Most of the things they are interested in they can buy for themselves. What they want is a recognition of the things they do for you and in your life.

So whether it’s taking care of the bills, providing a home, giving you a massage, feeding you KFC, sharing his fries, being the person that you needed in your life, that sort of appreciation and recognition of the things they’ve done is super important to them. So you may want to get something for them that shows a recognition of that. That recognition can be shown through the books or a love letter or in any written form they can take a look at. It can also be a video message, a voice message, or a podcast, something they can listen to over and over again. But some sort of public recognition. Now, that public may just be 4 other people as the guy may not be extroverted like that. That public recognition of the things they do can be an amazing way for you to show appreciation for that person.

2) A Holiday Weekend Where You Plan

Black Couple Sititng In A Sand Dune - You Need Life Skills - Christmas Gifts For Her 2017: Jamaican Edition

Guys tend to be the ones doing the planning. Planning for you to go out, planning for you to do something, or planning for a weekend trip. Your Christmas gift to the man in your life could just be planning a trip for them.

Guys are always asking girls questions it seems. What do you want to do? What do you want to eat? Where do you want to go? And so what you are providing for them is the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy an experience planned just for them. An experience that considers all the things you know about them, where they’d like to go, what they’d like to do and do the planning. You present to them a fait accompli and say “Look, we’re going to X place when you have the time and when it’s convenient for you” and you can do that for him.

It would be a beautiful gift to hand to somebody you care about, especially if it’s going to be to a significant other.

3) Consumables

Bottles of Wine - You Need Life Skills - Christmas Gifts For Her 2017: Jamaican Edition

Like I said in the Christmas Presents For Her post, consumables are an amazing present in 2017. It’s a more minimalist world out there and everybody doesn’t have space to hold all the rubbish you have decided you want to hand off to them. Consumables, however, such as luxury Whisky, or cigars, or colognes, or Gin, or Rum, or Vodka, are an amazing way for you to give someone a gift that they will enjoy but they would not necessarily have purchased for themselves. The idea is to give them something a little more lux than they are accustomed to. Prime Minister’s Blend Rum for example.

It can be a gift that they remember you by while not taking up a lot of space in their home. Christmas cake like my mother’s Christmas cake is also an amazing gift to give somebody who enjoys that sort of thing.

You can also put together a gift. You can put together a tasting or shot glass along with the vodka, and a booklet about the Vodka and make it a whole drinking experience for them. So, when they do to drink, it makes it more exciting than just the drink by itself.

4) Amazing Headphones

Wireless Headphones on a Macbook - Christmas Presents For Him 2017: Jamaican Edition - You Need LIfe Skills

Electronics are an amazing gift to get the guy you are hoping to get a gift. And if it’s really difficult for you to sit and think and consider to get somebody, headphones are always a good gift.

If this is somebody who is an audiophile I wouldn’t suggest you get them something like this because:

YNLS Pro Tip - You Need Life Skills

You are not to get gifts for people’s hobbies. It’s a recognition that their hobbies are important and they would already have in mind things they would like to get for their hobby and things they are interested in.

You want to consider that, if this is someone who enjoys music or playing games, really great headphones are a really great gift to pick up for them.

5) An Experience

Glasses of Red Wine on a Table - Christmas Presents For Him 2017: Jamaican Edition - You Need LIfe Skills

The experience could be something like going to a Rally or a movie they want to attend or an Appleton Rum tour. You experience is going to be something that this man wanted to go to, wanted to attend but may not have had the time or the energy to plan it. Your gift to them is giving them the joy that taking a tour is going to be a really interesting part of their day.

When I went to Curacao and went on a Curacao Liqueurs Tour, that was an amazing experience that allowed me to taste various liqueurs while at the same time allowing me to learn history and without the pressure of having to do anything except consume alcohol. An experience like Rally or an experience that you plan and organize is going to be a really great way for you to bond with this persons. To give them a gift that they may not necessarily do on their own

6) Gaming Systems or Games

Video Game with Two Controllers - Christmas Presents For Him 2017: Jamaican Edition - You Need LIfe Skills

Just generally, I tend to find that men tend to enjoy games and gaming systems and that could be your ideal gift for the person you are trying to find a present for. My current obsession is the Nintendo Switch and I’m struggling with whether I need one as well!

I don’t need it but it’s an amazing gaming system that has pretty good games on it. “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Super Mario: Oddessy” are amazing on this small, portable gaming system that your partner may enjoy.

You may also get them a PS4 with games such as “Madden”.

Or Legos.  Something they may truly enjoy but wouldn’t purchase for themselves. It would be a great gift for an Engineer or someone who enjoys building things.

Let it go. The gift doesn’t have to be super “mature” but you do have to consider whether it is something the man you are purchasing it for would enjoy.

A puzzle, especially a more complicated puzzle if this is someone who enjoys figuring things out and the big picture, may be just the present to give to somebody like your brother or friend or co-worker if you’re in a pixie as their gift so they can spend hours of fun figuring out pieces and sorting things out.

YNLS Pro Tip - You Need Life Skills

Remember that combining gifts is a great way to show that the gifts had been thought through. So you can take various things on this list and put them together in such a way that the individual is really happy to receive them. And all the little gifts will hopefully come together to show this person that you know them, as opposed to one larger gift. It’s also much more economical. to make that decision if you see several things on this list that you’d like to put together.

You don’t need to think that you have to buy a big gift for somebody. Perhaps they may want to buy that big gift for themselves. But what you can do is give them several small gifts that show that you care.

7) A Spa Package

Spa Table, White Towels and a Yellow Rubber Ducky - You Need Life Skills - Christmas Gifts For Her 2017: Jamaican Edition

People, don’t be unreasonable. The spa is an amazing place for men to go! Crusty hands are OUT in 2017 and will not be allowed into 2018!

So, think it through with me here. Just like you enjoy massages and grooming, the men in your life (and this could be your father, your brother, your boyfriend, your man on the side) could appreciate a spa package!

Places like Totally Male offer body grooming. And grooming and taking care of the men you are purchasing for, especially after going through a complicated year, could be just the amazing gift this man could appreciate. And certainly, for many men who have never had a manicure or a pedicure, or a grooming experience in such a luxury environment, this would certainly be the gift to get them that they would not get themselves.

8) Guy Basics

Brown Leather Band Watch - Christmas Presents For Him 2017: Jamaican Edition - You Need LIfe Skills

There are many men who do not enjoy shopping and you could be the conduit to them getting nicer things in their lives as a result of gifting it to them.

I didn’t put this as #1 but you can certainly consider things like watches to give as a gift. That could be a pixie gift for someone you know who is interested in that and it would make a great gift for your significant other, your brother, your man on the side. You can also consider things like cufflinks or socks or even a power bank as something that the guy may be interested in.

You already know my obsession with Anker power banks. They are amazing power banks that allow you to have your electronic devices like your phones, consistently charged throughout the day. As the battery dies, it is extremely useful to have something that recharges them. That could be the gift you give that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Guy basics are really important things for you to consider, however. They may have a watch fetish and so they may not be the best person to buy a watch for but their sock game may not be strong. You could, therefore, help upgrade them with an amazing pair of socks!

9) A Memories Jar

A Red Box With Photographs - Christmas Presents For Him 2017: Jamaican Edition - You Need LIfe Skills

For Dads and Grandads, memories are really important parts of our lives on earth and so for a family gift, you may consider having a memories jar. A jar that you create that is filled with memories from various people in your family. It’s a great group gift to give to someone who is a father or a grandfather because it’s something that requires the input of everyone.

365 may be your marker of how many bits of paper you put in the jar but they can have memories, quotes, and thoughts about this person and allows them to take their own sweet time going through the gift while feeling the love in both the present every day throughout the year until next year’s gift.

So ladies, buy the man a present!

And remember always, be kind to yourself!

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