Open and empty lake which represents my Facebook newsfeed since I'm controlling my Facebook addiction

Facebook is mesmerizing. And I am addicted. This is my process of controlling my Facebook addiction. You already know my position on watching television but I truly love Facebook. And I’m on it all the time. The Impossibility of Doing Deep Work With Facebook In the Background No matter what Mark Zuckerberg wants me to believe, his super easy, super integrated site is not a productivity tool. Yes, it is nice to know what my friends are up to. And it certainly helps if I…Continue Reading “Controlling My Facebook Addiction”

Metal chain link representing a habit chain

Breaking the habit chain is disappointing. All I wanted to do was build the habit of working on my Spanish by doing the action every single day. I Just Lost a 26 Day Spanish Streak On Duolingo. Sigh. That sucked. But at least I have the progress of 26 days, even without the name. When you are trying to become a better version of yourself, that’s what breaking the habit chain is like. First, you feel shitty. Then you realize that you haven’t lost the…Continue Reading “Breaking The Habit Chain: My Lessons”