I am a human rights lawyer. I am also a personal development blogger. Both human rights and personal development for me come from exactly the same place: a desire to leave the world a little better than I entered it. They are exactly the same thing but on different scales. What are human rights? “Human rights” concerns itself with the rights and responsibilities of human beings. I made that definition up myself. I have a whole Masters degree in International Human Rights Law. You trust…Continue Reading “Human Rights and Personal Development Are The Same Thing On Different Scales”

Who are your friends? Facebook has taught us that “friend” is anyone we know. THAT IS NOT TRUE. It is much much more than that. You are the reflection of your circle of friends. Your 5 closest friends are a clear reflection of who you are as a human. What are you reflecting?     Take the Friend Quiz   Every negative character trait on this list that you see in your friend is also something you may do as well. If you don’t want to…Continue Reading “Show Me Your Friends: Quiz Edition”