Couples struggle every day with whether thy should split the bills. Take a look at this situation and see if you agree that they should.

Webpage of Code - You Need Life Skills

Or “Why you haven’t seen content from me for the last few days”. My Letter of Love Dear Friends, I was trying to be helpful, I promise! I was trying to see how I could improve your user experience on the site by pushing the site to download faster and making your browsing more secure. I care about you! And I’ve had over 1400 attacks on the site in the past few weeks. You Need Life Skills isn’t even a month old! Why?! So, I…Continue Reading “When Things Fall Apart: I Broke The Website”

Graveyard - Who Will Miss Me When I'm Gone

The Impact of Grandad On My LIfe In life, if you are lucky, you get to meet an angel. I called mine “Grandad”. Grandad was my mother’s father. My heartbeat. He would smuggle food onto your plate if you looked like you wanted more chicken. He would give secret handshakes with money in his palm. He would make sure that you were not only physically but also spiritually ok by praying for his family morning and night. I loved that man with all my heart. I’ve…Continue Reading “Why My Grandad Was Better Than Yours”

Professional Woman Working On Her Laptop. She Didn't Get The Job Either.

I didn’t get the job Yesterday I failed to get the job I applied for. That sucked. I didn’t fail in an awful and irreparable way but in a way that attacks my ego. I failed to convince a hiring manager and persons at the organization that I was the best candidate for the position. A position I honestly wanted. And I’m one of those women who only apply if I meet 100% of the criteria so I know that, on paper at least, I should…Continue Reading “Thank You For Applying, You Didn’t Get The Job”