The story is about moving cheese and change. The “cheese”, whatever you are trying to achieve is in one place and you work, start getting it, and get comfortable there. This is your place. And you’ve acquired that thing, whether it is a relationship or a job, some thing that you wanted in your life and you set up roots. This is where you are going to be.

Change comes however, and it moves that goalpost, that thing that you were very sure that you had. And so how to you adjust, how to you move, and how to you react to it.

Why I stopped watching TV - Old and unused TV in the sand

I stopped watching TV. I’m not saying that to sound like an asshole. Or to pretend like I’m a more amazing version of a human being. I’m clearly not. I just don’t watch TV. And I’m here to tell you why. What do I mean when I say I don’t “watch TV”? It means I don’t know where the remote for the TV is. Or the remote for the cable box. Or to turn on the speakers. That I’ve lived for years without turning on…Continue Reading “Why I Stopped Watching TV”