Chapter 23 is that magical place where you have achieved your goals. To get there, however, you need to grind. Entrepreneurship is a grind. Law School is a grind. Learning a new language is a grind. Figuring out how to write so people will read is a grind. Coding is a grind. Constructing a blog is a grind. Making YouTube videos is a grind. Passing the real estate exam is a grind. Becoming good at anything is a grind. Sadly, too many people are only…Continue Reading “Chapter 23 – How We Hide the Struggle To Success”

Also known as “Why I don’t want to send this email”. I was told to email someone today for a job opportunity. It’s a great job, great pay, in my field of expertise, and an excellent challenge. I want it. Or do I? You see, it’s been 15 hours since I’ve been told to send the email. I’ve watched 20 YouTube videos (mostly of Gary Vaynerchuk), written a few blog posts (to be published before 2025), and I’ve read several articles and blog posts around…Continue Reading “The Fear of Success vs The Fear Of Failure”

You are going to die. Trust me on this. It’s the side effect of being alive. The most depressing story I read this week was of a 66-year-old woman who was jogging. She was likely healthy, fit, and likely to live to 90 while doing yoga poses on a roof somewhere tropical. She was hit by a car and died. That means if you do everything right, if you take all the steps you should to future-proof your life, if you do all the things…Continue Reading “Live A Life Of Intention – You Are Going To Die”