"2017" in Fireworks - 17 Lessons I Learned In 2017 - You Need Life Skills

Year-end summary reflections are an awesome way to decide what you’ll continue to do and what you’ll never do again. Taking a step back to see how the year went and where you want to go is an excellent motivating step. Or depressing. Really, it depends on what you find. I’m going to dive into the 17 things I learned in 2017. This year, like all years, had highs and lows. But you know what, the aim is to learn from them all. 17 Things…Continue Reading “17 Lessons I Learned in 2017”

You aren’t putting in the work. I know you aren’t because you clicked on this title. Magic! You know that you aren’t putting in the work and you want to know why. Why haven’t you been inspired to put in the work? You tell everybody you’re working hard, you’re always busy, you’re always exhausted, and you use those things as markers of your productivity. You explain to everyone that you don’t have time to be on Twitter, or Facebook or whatever other social network sites…Continue Reading “7 Depressing Reasons You Aren’t Putting In The Work”

I am an empathic person. Everyone has their own journey in life, their own way of going about things and their own way of self-discovery.  I cannot, however, stand someone who complains and whines and then plans to do nothing about it. I just cannot. I was raised by a woman who did not model whining and complaining. My mother is the rock star of my universe because this is a woman who decided that life gave her two options: shut up and get it…Continue Reading “An Ode To My Mother: Why I Have No Patience for Whiners and Complainers”

A Picture of Vybz Kartel and Personal Development - You Need Life Skills

This Post Isn’t For Everyone. Learn To Deal.  Yeah, I know. This is a personal development blog. You don’t expect me to be discussing Vybz Kartel and personal development. Gotcha.  For those who are horrified and offended by the very idea that Vybz Kartel, a convicted murderer serving time for the death of Clive “Lizard” Williams, could ever be used as an example of #PersonalDevelopmentGoals, please enjoy some of my other articles.  You are going to die so you should probably stop being so judgy….Continue Reading “Vybz Kartel And Personal Development: 4 Lessons”

Beach coastline - Who Will Miss Me When I'm Gone

Who will miss me when I’m gone? This is a question that everyone should ask frequently during their lives. I’m pretty obsessed with death and legacy nowadays and this is something that has been coming up for me over and over again. Who will miss me when I’m gone? Family members come to mind. My mother would cry. She thinks I’m awesome. My brother too. It’s been the two of us our whole lives. Plus, he’d have to talk at my funeral and he’d absolutely hate…Continue Reading “Who Will Miss Me When I’m Gone?”

You do. You hate them all. If your time is spent looking on Instagram and Facebook checking out all the hottest people at the most fabulous parties and wanting their lives, you are telling everyone you love that you hate them. You are comparing your life to these people and deciding yours sucks and you want theirs instead. And because of that, you do suck. Why? Because you are spending time hoping to be them. And they don’t have the people and the advantages in…Continue Reading “You Hate Everyone You Say You Love”

Chapter 23 is that magical place where you have achieved your goals. To get there, however, you need to grind. Entrepreneurship is a grind. Law School is a grind. Learning a new language is a grind. Figuring out how to write so people will read is a grind. Coding is a grind. Constructing a blog is a grind. Making YouTube videos is a grind. Passing the real estate exam is a grind. Becoming good at anything is a grind. Sadly, too many people are only…Continue Reading “Chapter 23 – How We Hide the Struggle To Success”

Also known as “Why I don’t want to send this email”. I was told to email someone today for a job opportunity. It’s a great job, great pay, in my field of expertise, and an excellent challenge. I want it. Or do I? You see, it’s been 15 hours since I’ve been told to send the email. I’ve watched 20 YouTube videos (mostly of Gary Vaynerchuk), written a few blog posts (to be published before 2025), and I’ve read several articles and blog posts around…Continue Reading “The Fear of Success vs The Fear Of Failure”