This is your comprehensive guide to figuring out what to get HER this holiday season. So, for the women in your life, I’m going to give you some ideas for Christmas presents. If they bring a smile to her face, it’s 100% me! If she hates it, well, totally your fault!

Couples struggle every day with whether thy should split the bills. Take a look at this situation and see if you agree that they should.

A Picture of Vybz Kartel and Personal Development - You Need Life Skills

This Post Isn’t For Everyone. Learn To Deal.  Yeah, I know. This is a personal development blog. You don’t expect me to be discussing Vybz Kartel and personal development. Gotcha.  For those who are horrified and offended by the very idea that Vybz Kartel, a convicted murderer serving time for the death of Clive “Lizard” Williams, could ever be used as an example of #PersonalDevelopmentGoals, please enjoy some of my other articles.  You are going to die so you should probably stop being so judgy….Continue Reading “Vybz Kartel And Personal Development: 4 Lessons”

You never quite forget it is Independence Day in Jamaica. This is however the first time I’ve been here to experience it in years. I move around quite a bit, but I carry my beloved Jamaica around with me always. Happy Independence Day 2017 to the first English-speaking Caribbean nation to gain Independence! Jamaica’s 55th year of no longer being a colony of the United Kingdom is a significant achievement. #Jamaica55 however provides us with a chance to look back at what we have accomplished…Continue Reading “Happy Independence Day, Jamaica!”