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It’s not our fault we suck at life. We were never taught the life skills to win in the first place! Subscribe to join me and the YNLS Family if you want to live a better, healthier, happier and more productive life. YOU NEED LIFE SKILLS! 

Hi! I’m Jodi-Ann and I’m on a journey to acquire all the necessary skills I wasn’t taught in school but are absolutely necessary to live my best life. Skills like leadership, compassion, gratitude, and not buying crap I don’t need.

The Search For Life Skills

I’m a former high school teacher at an all-girls school. When I started teaching, I became frustrated with what we teach our students. I thought it was horrifically unfair that my girls were told to study History and Sociology but were never ever taught HOW to study them! My girls were put in exams but had never been taught HOW to take them! And that left very bright students feeling very stupid because they worked their hardest and best and still failed to do well. As a result, in 2008 I created LifeSkills, a seminar company with one aim: to teach my students HOW

But I started getting phone calls from women. Women asking me to speak at their meetings about skills they realized they didn’t have. Skills like making a realistic budget and sticking to it, coping with a breakup, and finding purpose and meaning in life. Neither they nor I had ever been taught these important life skills in school! Why not?!

The Journey To Developing Some Life Skills

I’m now an International Human Rights and Environmental Attorney who meets people from around the world. And they all ask the same basic question: “How can I be a better version of myself?” For them, that could include:

  • how to live with less
  • how to read more
  • rest more
  • be a better partner
  • a better parent
  • a better boss
  • a better employee
  • or a better human on the planet.

They had never been taught how to answer those big questions in high school or at university but needed those skills for the rest of their lives.

You Need Life Skills was created out of a deep desire to share the things I have found along the way to answering my own big questions. On this blog, I go through the books, the articles, and the insights that have helped me to grow and continue to push me to be better. Personal development for the millennial generation. 

I Curse. Sometimes.

There are places on this blog where you will find some explicit language. While I am an A+ professional in my “other” life, you and I are friends, sitting at my dining table, talking about life. It’s really important for me to talk to you like I talk to the friends I see every day. And well, in real life, I sometimes use curse words.

I’d appreciate if you didn’t mention that to my mother.

So, if this place sounds like a good fit for you, join the community of people trying to figure out all they forgot to teach us in school. YOU NEED LIFE SKILLS!