Much of what we learn in school has no practical application. I’ve gone to 2 years of pre-school, 7 years of prep school (primary level education in Jamaica), 7 years of high school, 3 years of University Part I, 5 years of law school, and 1 year of my Master’s degree and not once did I have a class on important life skills!

School taught me many lessons but very few of the life skills I needed to be successful in life.

As a child, I was a smartass. I’m certain at some point my mother will comment on this post saying that I still am but…we just won’t listen to her.

When I was in the 10th grade of high-school, I ended up in a class called  “Additional Mathematics” (Add Math). Add Math, however, was hard. And I struggled. All the concepts were a sea of information that made no sense to me.

Then my teacher started to teach us sine, cosine, and tan. I can’t really tell you what they are. I’m sure I grasped it enough at the time to pass the test but honestly, Google is your friend here. What I can tell you is, they are things you have to calculate that require you to possess an EXPENSIVE ASS SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR. I didn’t get the point of learning them. I didn’t get the point of knowing what they were for. And with 30 problem questions in front of me that were making no sense, I needed to know.

So, I embraced the joys of being a smartass. And well, I asked.

YNMJ: “Oh Great Add Math Teacher, sent to us from the gods, what is the purpose of cosine and tan? How can I use them in real life? Can I use them at the supermarket?”

*my classmates looked up, interested in the answer*

Great Add Math Teacher: “Sit down and finish the questions.”

That was it. After months of trying to learn this madness, she didn’t have an answer for me. AT ALL.


Someone is going to say that in their current profession, cosine and tan play an important role and they couldn’t do without them. That the Universe as I know it wouldn’t be the same. That my iPad needs cosine and tan to show me YouTube videos. And I completely get you. But let’s be real here, not once since I left that class have I been compelled to use cosine and tan. And well, I truly doubt most of you have had a burning need to pull them out at the supermarket this year.

5 Important Life Skills I Wish We Had Been Taught Instead

We learned about cosine but instead, maybe we should have learned about these 5 life skills instead.

1. How to Deal with Intimate Relationships and Marriage

Most people spend their lives trying to pair up with others. Call it biological urge. Call it a desire to be part of a pair. Call it madness. But a chunk of people spend a chunk of their lives trying to find “The One”.

Wish you all the best with that.

But would it have killed the people in our schools to have taught us the basics of making relationships work and what to do if they don’t? Things like:

You know, high-quality information. After all, it’s not like we’re going try to be in relationships for the rest of our lives or anything.

2. Determining Whether Children Are Right For You

These are super important questions it would have been nice to have received a worksheet on!

3. How to Win Friends (And Influence People)

Adults suck at making new friends. I’m gonna chalk this up to a failure to ever having been taught how to in the first place. And I’m gonna get it out of the way and say we never practiced because there were always “friends” around us. But friendships matter.

When you’re at a high school of 1600 students you never really have to search for friends. You practically fall over them. You have the skill of recognizing someone just because you have stared at the back of their head during devotions for years! But learning to make friends as an adult is a skill. And you cannot underestimate how important a skill it is until you look around and find that you don’t have strong and solid connections with other people.

You have to put yourself out there and then learn how to keep them. That would have been a good subject for a class or two.

4. How to Spend Money Wisely

Part of the fun of growing up is making money. It is the reason many of us studied hard in school or hustled after school. Money is fun!

It would, therefore, have been lovely to have had classes on personal finance and handing money. Yes, I taught my students budgeting in Social Studies class. For only 1 hour. With a table where they filled in the budget categories and had to make sure their income matched their expenditure.

Life however never looks like that. What we should teach are practical and much more useful skills.

Yoo’s mother has sent her $1000 to pay for rent and groceries in December. Since she lives in Barbados, she will not get a dollar more because Christmas is not a life emergency. Rent is $750 and groceries are $225 for the month. Yoo also wants to go to at least 2 parties for Christmas. Each party costs $50. How many parties can Yoo afford to attend?

Bonus Question: Yoo attended 2 parties because she is an idiot. How many ways must she learn to cook the giant turkey leg her landlady has gifted her in order to make it to the beginning of January since she has no food?

I don’t eat turkey anymore.

Spending money wisely is not only about the money but about priorities and long term planning. Retirement planning, saving for a house, buying a new vs. a used car, and spending on experiences vs. things are all part of spending money wisely.

Some of the best people to read on this are:

In life, there is good stress and bad stress. The good kind energizes you and pushes you to take bold steps and accomplish tasks.

The bad kind leads to heart attacks.

Life is all about figuring out which one you are dealing with. A class on that would have been nice.

A few ways of dealing with stress are:

Each of these life skills would have been useful to learn to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Let me know in the comments if there are any useless things you had been taught and what would have helped you instead.

Be Kind To Yourself,




  • Gia
    Posted August 3, 2017 6:02 pm 0Likes

    Number 3! OMG! I think my parents helped me (scratch that, help me..since daddy still lectures me that I have too much shoes lol), with the others. My dad is a Team No New Friends, my mom barely has any. So adulting and friendship is stI’ll weird to me. Tiring actually. I’m legit reading John Maxwells How to Be a People Person. I felt liked I suck since people make it look easy, but..I guess everything in life couldn’t be. Oh what’s worst, is that I had tons of guy friends, now that I’m married, I need to know more girls *wooosah* I wasn’t prepared lol.
    That aside, I wish I knew more about sexuality, like yes, it’s everywhere, but.. I wasn’t taught how life is different after you start. I was just taught not to lol.
    Tons of dumb stuff were taught…I’m yet to use a graph leaf 😑

    Love this piece too 😄😄

    • Yoo Need More Jodi
      Posted August 3, 2017 6:11 pm 0Likes

      Hahaha, graph paper is excellent to sketch out ideas! You can put it to good use in the future!

      Thanks for coming by and commenting! I look forward to seeing your thoughts on future posts about making friends, and sexuality.

  • Bayou Tourist
    Posted August 14, 2017 2:37 pm 0Likes

    Life precious lessons are taught outside the class room because the principles are often from church or places of worship or made up as time goes by each individual family set whether functional or dysfunctional. We know that youngsters repeat what they see more than what they hear from those they perceive are their authoritative figures. This is a generalization and not an absolute.

    Classroom gives you content and society, inclusive of the family, gives context and principle if known. The difficulty is finding the blend and discipline to balance info, context, application and behavior and for what purpose.

    • Yoo Need More Jodi
      Posted August 15, 2017 1:34 pm 0Likes

      Thanks for commenting, Bayou Tourist!

      Absolutely! Churches and other places of worship play an important role in passing life skills to the next generation. But millennials are making the decision to no longer attend these places and the places of worship are seemingly concerned with other things so, here we are. Stuck without them.

        Posted August 15, 2017 8:21 pm 0Likes

        We need to find ways to reconnect the church and the millennials because ultimately, the key to real success and purpose in life is connecting with the creator, the savior, the one true God and connecting to others regardless of age, race, ethnicity, social status, sexual identity or anything else you may think of that makes us look or feel different. The fact is we are all people that need to connect and the ultimate connection is a spiritual one because we are spiritual beings. We focus on the external that we forget that the decisions/choices we make are really internal (spiritually dead or alive to the truth which needs no proof) Truth can stand on it s own.

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  • Kashka
    Posted November 9, 2017 1:48 pm 0Likes

    Spot on

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