You aren’t putting in the work. I know you aren’t because you clicked on this title. Magic! You know that you aren’t putting in the work and you want to know why. Why haven’t you been inspired to put in the work? You tell everybody you’re working hard, you’re always busy, you’re always exhausted, and you use those things as markers of your productivity. You explain to everyone that you don’t have time to be on Twitter, or Facebook or whatever other social network sites…Continue Reading “7 Depressing Reasons You Aren’t Putting In The Work”

I am an empathic person. Everyone has their own journey in life, their own way of going about things and their own way of self-discovery.  I cannot, however, stand someone who complains and whines and then plans to do nothing about it. I just cannot. I was raised by a woman who did not model whining and complaining. My mother is the rock star of my universe because this is a woman who decided that life gave her two options: shut up and get it…Continue Reading “An Ode To My Mother: Why I Have No Patience for Whiners and Complainers”