Open and empty lake which represents my Facebook newsfeed since I'm controlling my Facebook addiction

Facebook is mesmerizing. And I am addicted. This is my process of controlling my Facebook addiction. You already know my position on watching television but I truly love Facebook. And I’m on it all the time. The Impossibility of Doing Deep Work With Facebook In the Background No matter what Mark Zuckerberg wants me to believe, his super easy, super integrated site is not a productivity tool. Yes, it is nice to know what my friends are up to. And it certainly helps if I…Continue Reading “Controlling My Facebook Addiction”

Why I stopped watching TV - Old and unused TV in the sand

I stopped watching TV. I’m not saying that to sound like an asshole. Or to pretend like I’m a more amazing version of a human being. I’m clearly not. I just don’t watch TV. And I’m here to tell you why. What do I mean when I say I don’t “watch TV”? It means I don’t know where the remote for the TV is. Or the remote for the cable box. Or to turn on the speakers. That I’ve lived for years without turning on…Continue Reading “Why I Stopped Watching TV”

Metal chain link representing a habit chain

Breaking the habit chain is disappointing. All I wanted to do was build the habit of working on my Spanish by doing the action every single day. I Just Lost a 26 Day Spanish Streak On Duolingo. Sigh. That sucked. But at least I have the progress of 26 days, even without the name. When you are trying to become a better version of yourself, that’s what breaking the habit chain is like. First, you feel shitty. Then you realize that you haven’t lost the…Continue Reading “Breaking The Habit Chain: My Lessons”

You never quite forget it is Independence Day in Jamaica. This is however the first time I’ve been here to experience it in years. I move around quite a bit, but I carry my beloved Jamaica around with me always. Happy Independence Day 2017 to the first English-speaking Caribbean nation to gain Independence! Jamaica’s 55th year of no longer being a colony of the United Kingdom is a significant achievement. #Jamaica55 however provides us with a chance to look back at what we have accomplished…Continue Reading “Happy Independence Day, Jamaica!”

You do. You hate them all. If your time is spent looking on Instagram and Facebook checking out all the hottest people at the most fabulous parties and wanting their lives, you are telling everyone you love that you hate them. You are comparing your life to these people and deciding yours sucks and you want theirs instead. And because of that, you do suck. Why? Because you are spending time hoping to be them. And they don’t have the people and the advantages in…Continue Reading “You Hate Everyone You Say You Love”